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Wider, Longer, Higher, Deeper: 40 Days of Prayer, Scripture, and Growth-filled Questions

Christians have been practicing the season of Lent for hundreds of years. It is a 40-day season of penitence, fasting, and prayer beginning on Ash Wednesday and ending on Easter. The Sundays of Lent are not considered part of Lent, but rather mini-Easters to be celebrated along the path toward the resurrection celebration.

The word Lent comes from an Old English word meaning to lengthen which refers to the period of the year when the days are lengthening. In a word it is about growing. As the days lengthen so may your faith in Christ grow to the width, length, height, and depth of his immeasurable love.

I invite you into this season of growing in faith: wider in acceptance, longer as you reach out further, higher as your perspective is enlarged, and deeper in your relationship with Christ and his people.

I have created a 40-day devotional contains a daily theme, scripture, thoughtful quote, and growth-filled questions. Consider beginning or ending your day by yourself or with a partner with the daily devotion. Begin with a prayer asking God to illumine your mind and heart to receive a word about God, yourself, and your relationships with others and end with a prayer for strength and courage to take a step in faith.

May God open you ever wider in mercy, ever longer into life, ever higher into the heavens, and ever deeper into love!

Click below to view the devotional in PDF:

Wider, Longer, Higher, Deeper: 40 Days of Prayer, Scripture, and Growth-filled Questions


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