Teena’s sister-in-law, Bonnie, went into the hospital to have a fairly routine procedure.  While she was in the hospital she had a massive stroke.  She went into a coma. 

That night I got a call from Teena.  She said, “We need another one of those miracle prayers!”  She explained what had happened to Bonnie.  We prayed. 

Teena and her family went to Dallas to be with Bonnie in the hospital. 

They opened up the top of her skull to relieve the swelling, but it wasn’t working.  Things were going downhill quickly and the CT scans were not good.  It looked like mush. 

Monday night, Teena called me in tears to tell me that the doctors had recommended they take Bonnie off life support.  She was not brain dead, but there was nothing close to normal activity in her brain.  She would never come out of the coma. 

I’ve prayed for healing many times over the last few years and I know that it doesn’t always work out the way I hope.  I chalked this up to God’s mysterious will.  He knows what he is doing.  And yes, people do die. 

Teena asked if I might pray for her husband Ronnie, Bonnie’s brother.  She handed him the phone.  I prayed for peace and comfort.  

The next morning the phone rang as I had expected.  I knew that they were taking her off life support sometime that night. 

“Pastor Paul, you won’t believe it!!”  It was Teena.  “They were doing a final CT scan before they took her off support and her brain function is almost normal!”  What?

Now, I have been surprised by God a few times over the years, but this takes the cake.  I was shocked and speechless.  I had to ask her to repeat it. 

I had thrown in the towel, but Teena never did.  She told me that after the doctor had given the bad news the night before her family started making funeral plans, but she wouldn’t let them.  She shooed them out of the room and she continued to pray for healing.  By now, hundreds of people were praying all around the country through Facebook. 

The question now was would Bonnie wake up from her coma.   The next Thursday, the family entered her room to find her sitting up in bed, wide awake and recognizing everyone.  The staff then took her breathing tube out.  

Today she lives.  She is paralyzed on her left side and has short-term memory issues.  She lives in a nursing home.  She gets to see her family, including grandchildren, regularly.  She has joy.   

She says that she could hear almost everything that was being said when she was in the coma.  She said, “I heard the doctors say I wasn’t going to make it, but I didn’t believe it.”

This miraculous recovery affected more than Bonnie.  All that prayed for Bonnie that night got to experience the glory of God in this healing. 

Teena and this group of Facebook friends call themselves “prayer warriors”.  Anytime one of them needs prayer, they send out a message and they all drop what they are doing and pray. 

Who knows what the next chapter of this story will be?