I did not invent prayer encounters.  People have been praying with each other for who knows how long.

Prayer has been a part of my life since before I could remember.  However, yesterday I was reminded of one of the prayer inspirers of my life.

My dad’s best friend from college and a close friend to this day is Bill.  I grew up knowing Bill and his family all my life.  His children were cousins to me.  There is a lot I could write about this remarkable man, but not today.  He has had and continues to have a great spiritual influence on my life.

Yesterday, Jennifer, Nelson (our 4 month old son), and I were driving from Dallas to Houston on our Nelson 2012 whirlwind tour of Texas.  We stopped on the way to visit Bill and Pam, his wife.  Per usual we talked non-stop for an hour which could have easily become 6 had we not had a schedule to keep.

As we were leaving, while I was starting up the car, Bill took my hand and smiled broadly, “Let’s have a prayer before you leave.”  We all joined hands and he prayed for us and our new family.  It occurred to me in that moment, that he had always done this for me.  He never misses an opportunity to pray with others.

Thinking back through my life, Bill has shown up at random times with a word of guidance and a prayer that lifts me toward my ultimate Father.

Without a doubt Bill is one of my prayer fathers.  That I pray with others is in no small part because he prayed with me.