One snowy Sunday morning when I was a boy in Arkansas my little baby
brother John was missing, but we didn’t know it. We were all in the throes
of getting ready for church which was right next door. Dad was in his study
putting his last touches on the sermon. Mom was blow drying her hair. My
twin brother and I were brushing our teeth (or at least pretending to do so).

In the middle of our hurried preparation the doorbell rang. It was one of the
elders from the church holding my little brother in his little baby pajamas
dusted with snow. He said, “I was driving by the church and marveling at
our beautiful nativity scene out front and I thought, ‘Now that’s got to be the
most realistic baby Jesus I’ve ever seen.” I looked again and realized that it
was baby John! I thought you might like to have him back.”

John had managed to crawl about 50 yards in about an inch or so of snow out to that
manger. We were terrified and relieved and astounded all at the same time.
I imagine that Mary must have felt something like this as she delivered the
Son of God and Savior of the World and her own dear son Jesus. It must
have been overwhelming!

Let us not lose track of the Baby. It is easy to
focus so much on the preparation of the season that the Christ Child slips by
us without notice. Maybe he’s missing and we don’t even know it. Advent is
like the elder that brings the baby back to the house. It brings back what is
perhaps missing in our lives. Let us take this time to marvel at the miracle of
the Baby Jesus and take him into our homes this Christmas.