Growing up, a strange and mysterious occurrence happened every Christmas season. We never knew when it would happen. Sometimes early in the month. Sometimes in the week right before Christmas, but my brothers and I were always on the lookout, expecting that at any moment it might happen.

The doorbell would ring and we wonder if this was it! We would race each other to the door and there would be the gift as if it had mysteriously appeared. We would run outside to see if we could catch a glimpse of our annual benefactor, but we never did.

All the cards were signed “Merry Christmas! Your Mystery Friend”. We started receiving gifts from our Mystery Friend when we lived in Arkansas. We thought it might be a member of our church there, but we moved to Oklahoma, somehow our Mystery Friend found us. We started suspecting that dad was the culprit, but to this day he denies it. If he is, I don’t want to know it.

It added such a sense of excitement and wonder for us. When would it happen? Tonight? There’s the doorbell!! Maybe? Of course many times it was just a regular person dropping by for some other purpose. But perhaps that person was the mystery friend just coming to test us…to see if we were anticipating the gift.

We know when Santa comes. But who knows when the Mystery Friend will come this year? Who knows what strange and mysterious gift you might receive this Christmas season. Perhaps a phone call or a letter from someone you hadn’t heard from in years. Perhaps a new friend. Maybe you will discover a hidden gift that you never knew you had. Expect something special!