Today marks the first day of Lent.  There are 40 days of Lent not including Sundays.  The last day is the day before Easter Sunday.  Lent is a time for growing in faith.  I would like to make a challenge to you that I know will grow your faith immensely and strengthen the faith of others in the process:

Pray with 40 people throughout Lent.  It can be with family members, church members, friends, classmates, neighbors, coworkers, and anyone that God puts in your path.

 Potential strategies:

-Make a list of all the people you want to pray with.

-Pray at every meal with whoever you are with and wherever you are.  You might even invite the waitress(waiter) to join you.

-Anytime someone express a need, a problem, a hope, a concern, an anxiety, or a joy offer to pray.


Your talking to your friend and she says, “I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow and I am kind of worried that there is something wrong with me.”

You might respond by saying, “You really seem worried.  Can offer a prayer for you?”

-Anytime someone says to you or emails you asking to pray for something/someone offer to pray right then.  If it is by email, write the prayer.

Consider keeping a log of your prayers so you can count them and, more importantly, so you can follow up with them.   There may be another need for prayer or, even better, there may be an answered prayer, which will strengthen your faithfully greatly.

You might even share the challenge with the people you pray with.  Praying with people is both life-giving and empowering.  Imagine the thousands of people that could be impacted by this challenge.

Finally, I would love if you would consider sharing your stories by leaving comments on this post without revealing private details or using names.