My friends from the Russian Federation,

I am aware that many of you have read a story entitled Wrestling with Poverty. Every time I get notice that someone from Russia has read a post it is almost always this story.  I feel moved to write to you directly.  I really have no true awareness of the level of poverty your region is dealing with, but I feel it must be extreme.  I do not have a solution to offer, but I do want to offer something more powerful than any human solution: a prayer.

O Heavenly Father, Creator and Lover of Humanity, may your Holy Spirit lift the Russian people into your heavenly realm.  Surround their whole country with your love and fill them with your holy presence.  Give them an unmistakable sense of your hand upon them.  Use the faith and compassion of those who believe in your Son Jesus Christ to bring encouragement and hope to all they come across.  And LORD, feed this nation by your hand!  Pull the people out of the deep poverty that depresses their country!  May your Church rise to meet the needs of the people!  Save Russia, O Savior! In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit we pray.