Parker came to Summer Hoops today at the church gym. He showed me a picture of his 5 month old son. He is a father in love. He is working two jobs to provide for his household. The man is determined to be the father he never had. When we all circled up to pray, he thanked God for me. Father’s Day came early for me.

prayer encounters

Parker is, without a doubt, the most popular boy amongst the neighborhood basketball crowd.  When he walks into the gym, everyone’s attention shifts to him.  He’s hard not to pay attention to.  He’s 6’7’’ and nothing but muscle and tattoos. 

He’s played with us for each of the last three years we’ve had our Summer Hoops program.  In that period he has gone from high school basketball star to scholarship athlete at Western Kentucky to doing nothing. 

I don’t know exactly how he lost his scholarship, but I knew that he was disappointed and perhaps ashamed.  Right now he works at IHOP and hopes to become a fireman. 

I must admit when Parker first started playing with us, I was quite intimidated.  He would come in with his entourage of equally intimidating young men.  Nobody messed with them, especially not the pastor (me). 

Week after week, I led a halftime…

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